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No Fault Litigation

When a person is injured in an automobile accident in New York, any medical treatment, lost wages or other expenses (like prescriptions or medical devices) are supposed to be paid for by the "no fault" insurance they pay for as a part of their car insurance.  Unfortunately, this process has evolved into a system where the insurance companies often find ways to deny payment to both individuals and medical providers for a variety of reasons.  The most common of which is "lack of medical necessity".  

Usually, the injured person will assign their no fault benefits to their doctors who then bill the insurance company directly.  This usually results in the doctor giving up the right to bill the patient directly and requiring the doctor to bring an arbitration or lawsuit against the insurance company to recover the payment.

Michael A. Cote' is one of the leading attorneys in the Hudson Valley representing both medical practitioners and individuals against no fault insurance companies to recover benefits.  He has recovered over $500,000.00 in no fault benefits for his clients in  just the past few years.  He has handled hundreds of cases in both litigation and arbitration and his results are second to none. 

The statute of limitations for no fault claims is six years.  Many medical offices have just written off bills when the no fault insurance company refuses to pay them.  Often this means that there are literally tens of thousands of dollars in past bills that can still be recovered.

The cost to the clients in no fault cases is minimal.  All filing fees and disbursements are reimbursed by the insurance company when the bills are recovered and the no fault law also provides for the insurance company to pay the medical provider interest of two percent per month as well as awarding attorney's fees. 

If your medical practice has unpaid bills to no fault insurance companies, don't just write them off.  Put Mr. Cote's vast experience to work for you.  Call him anytime with any question you may have about no fault law. 

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