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Social Security Disability Appeals
You have worked hard over your life and always paid your taxes.  But then you become disabled and can no longer work.  You should be eligible for the Social Security Disability Benefits you have paid into all of these years but all too often, people are denied benefits that they should be receiving.

If this has happened to you, you need to find an attorney to handle your appeal.  An attorney who has experience handling Social Security appeals can make the difference in winning or losing your appeal.  Knowing and understanding the process that the Administrative Law Judge will use to decide your case will mean your case is properly prepared from the start.  An experienced and knowledgable attorney will make sure the evidence you need to win your case makes it into the record of the Judge and that the right questions are asked at the hearing so you can win your case and get the security for your future that you deserve.

Michael A. Cote' has handled numerous Social Security Disability Appeals and has a record second to none.  He can make sure your case is properly prepared and that all the evidece needed to win is in the record that will be reviewed by the Judge.  He will make sure that all the questions that need to be asked at your hearing are asked and leave nothing to chance.  You have worked hard for your benefits, now let Michael work hard for you.

No legal fee is charged unless you win your case.

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